DTP & Digital Production

Production services for Manga publication and digital distribution

We are a pioneer on Digital(DTP) Production of Manga(Comic) publishing. Half century production background can provide highly skilled adequate work. All digital asset is archiving every day and ready for multi utilize business at any time.

Manga Magazine

Our digital production System is designed on the DTP work flow with self developed automation. Versatile Manga digital asset can produce on ASAP magazine schedule.

Comic book

Comic book digital source data is well prepared asset. That can utilize as digital asset for digital publishing.

Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing will carry potential usage of digital asset. Our technology and highly skilled production can support at any oportunity of business.

Production service for Text book publishing and digital distribution

Many types of text book are required suitable text treatment and composition. We can provide versatile composition structure and sophisticated data archive technology.

Original Development System

We persuit accurate and reliable process for production. Our original developed system guarantee good quality and servise.

Versatile Text book publishing

Our technorogy of text treatment are based on XML or XHTML. That can provide future of versatile publishing and universal usage of digital asset.