Printing Service

We are persuing text readability and visibility at any time

Black & White print is not so simple. We Know the quality of book and Publisher's requirements. Traditional is not old. We are persuing always with new technology and want to contribute forever.

Text book print and comic book print,these are not same requirement. We know the paper, ink and press control as traditional book printer.

Continuous advancement of offset printing industry and new digital printing expansion are certainily inovation of our field.

Exsample of our Products

Text book

- Kodansha Bunko
- Kodansha Academic Bunko
- Kodansha Literary Bunko
- Kodansha +alpha Bunko
- Kodansha Bluebacks
- Kodansha Modern Shinsho
- Kodansha X Bunko
- Other Kodansha Pieces
- Kobunsha Bunko
- Kobunsha Chieno Mori Bunko
- Kodansha Kappa Books
- Other General Bookbindings

Comic book

- Kodansha Young Magazine Comics
- Kodansha Morning Comics
- Kodansha Dessert Comics
- Kodansha Be Love Comics
- Kodansha Rival Comics

Other products

- flyers
- booklets
- brochures
- posters etc.