Jul    1946Incorporation of Toyokuni Printing was on 23rd July
Mr.Shoichi NOMA appointed 1st President
Type setting & printing business started in the main building of Kodansha
May  1950Mr.Takuro HASEGAWA appointed 2nd President
May  1951Mr.Ryukichi SHIBUYA appointed 3rd President
Jun   1958Mr.Junji HAMADA appointed 4th President
Mar  1959Main office moved to Otsuka 6-chome, Bunkyo-ku
Oct   1959Incorporation of Toyokuni prepress Co., Ltd. contributed launching of weekly Manga Magazine “ Shonen Magazine ”
May 1964New office of Toyokuni prepress was opened at Tabata 4-chome, Kita-ku
Oct   1970Incorporation of Toyokuni Offset Co., Ltd. was at Oimach, Iruma-gun (currently Fujimino shi), Saitama
Jul    1971First issue of “ Kodansha Bunko ” series printed by offset press in Toyokuni Offset Co., Ltd.
Oct   1979Mr.Teiji SAITO appointed 5th President
May 1985Mr.Mitsuo OTSUBO appointed 6th President
Oct   1985New Toyokuni Printing Co., Ltd. consolidated former 3companies, Toyokuni Printing Co., Ltd., Toyokuni prepress Co., Ltd. and Toyokuni Offset Co., Ltd.
May 1987Mr.Kiichi HASEGAWA appointed 7th President
May 1990Mr.Akira KUSAKA appointed 8th President
May 2000Tabata Factory moved to Otsuka Factory as integration of prepress department
Jun   2000Mr.Takashi TAKESHITA appointed 9th President
Sep   2001Digital production for Manga magazines was started
Jan   2002Digital font “Antique” for DTP was developed by partnership with Morisawa Co., Ltd.
First DTP system for Manga magazine started production
Jul   2004DTP system was switched to the Adobe system's “Indesign”
Oct  2005Manga layout & type setting work was automoted by original development program
Jan   2008Head Office & Digital Production moved to new building of Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Jun   2008Mr.Jun'ichi YOSHII appointed 10th President
Jun   2013Mr.Koji HIROTA appointed 11th President